Adults with ADHD and Executive Function Challenges


• Create a User’s Manual for your unique brain wiring

• Know what to do when you get stuck and/or overwhelmed

• Define tools & systems the work for you–not everyone else!


  • An adult with ADHD and/or Executive Function challenges.
  • Someone who has the talent and ability to do whatever you can imagine, but your ADHD and/or EF challenges are getting in the way or are making it more difficult than it needs to be.
  • An adult who wants the support of a highly trained and professionally certified ADHD coach.


  • Someone who has been reading books and trying to discover a way that will finally work for you.
  • Creative yet you aren’t able to capitalize on it.
  • Someone who knows what you need to do and maybe even how to do it but still struggle to do it consistently.
  • Someone who feels like you are working twice (or 3 times) as hard as everyone else, but not getting as far.

It all comes down to this–the world gives out an owner’s manual. For people with ADHD… it is the WRONG MANUAL!


  • You know what you need to do and the consequences for not doing it, but you are still struggling to do it.
  • You create lots of plans and systems, but don’t use them consistently (or at all).
  • You promise you won’t make the same mistakes next time, but then you forget what you planned to do differently and end up making the same mistakes.
  • You have lots of ideas and love to start new things, but often don’t finish them.
  • You try lots of new systems, but you don’t stick with them… and you don’t know why.
  • You set goals but then forget where you wrote them or what they were.
  • You forget what food you bought at the store or what you planned to make with it and end up throwing it out.
  • You often lose your keys, phone, wallet (fill in the item) and waste a lot of time and energy looking for them.
  • You struggle to find the motivation to do things that need to be done, such as laundry, dishes, bills, the lawn, a project at work, call the cable company, make a doctor’s appointment, etc.


  • To build routines and tools that work for YOU (not your friends, spouse, boss, parents, siblings, etc.)
  • To discover what does work for you and why!
  • To be part of a group that gets it because they have ADHD and/or Executive Functioning challenges too.
  • To create your ADHD Owner’s Manual.


Patty Blinderman Positive Focus CoachI’m Patty Blinderman! I am a wife and mom of 4 kids–3 diagnosed with ADHD. I have had many jobs over the years including special education teacher, professional organizer, librarian, closet designer, taxi dispatcher, eBay seller, proofreader, children’s birthday party planner and Tupperware consultant. This winding path led me to my purpose–ADHD coaching. Before I became an ADHD coach over 5 years ago, I was always on the lookout for my next job. The lingering question was always, “What do I want to be when I grow up?” (And I was in my 30s and early 40s!). I have been an ADHD coach longer than any job in my life and am no longer searching for what is next. I no longer have a “job”.

“Where your talents and the needs of the world cross; there lies your calling.” ~Aristotle

Like the quote says, I found my “calling.” Everything I do is based on my fundamental belief that every person with ADHD has everything they need to be successful and has unlimited potential… if they learn how to harness their strengths. Are you ready to get started?


I am a Professional Certified ADHD Coach (PCAC); the only one in the state of North Carolina. I am uniquely trained and qualified to support your journey to learn about your unique brain wiring and create your own Personal Owner’s Manual so you can harness the power of your ADHD brain.

Just imagine….

  • Having a personalized “manual” that is tailored to your brain because you wrote it!
  • Having strategies, routines, tools and tips that work for YOU all in one place so you can find it when you need it.
  • Being part of a group that gets it and can benefit from your experiences and vice versa.


In the ADHD Personal Owner’s Manual (A-POM) Group, you will receive:

  • Six up-to-90 minute group coaching calls with me and up to 6 participants. Sessions will be held on Mondays at Noon EDT (length of meetings will be determined by number of participants; 3-4 participants–60 minutes; 5-6 participants–90 minutes). Maximum of 6 group participants.
    • Meeting Dates:
      • June 4, 11, 18, 25
      • July 2, 9
    • 1 private coaching session with me (up to 50 minutes). (*This session must be used by the date of the last group coaching session.)
    • Templates and step-by-step processes for each section of your ADHD Owner’s Manual.
    • Structure and support to build your ADHD Owner’s Manual:
      • Some “chapters” include:
        • Executive Functioning strengths and weaknesses (and tools to support the weaker ones)
        • Time management strategies
        • Evidence of Success
        • Planning and Prioritizing
        • Getting engaged–how to inject interest so you can get things done.
        • All About Me… Create a cheat-sheet for your brain:
          • “What’s the best way for people to communicate with me?”
          • “How do I like to get feedback?”
          • “What is the best time of day for me to focus/get things done?”
        • Access to a “Secret” Facebook Group with other group members so you can share your successes and challenges and get support from others who get it!

      All of this for only $397. Less than $50 per session!

      We are starting on Wednesday, January 17, at 5:30 p.m. EST

“The world gives out the wrong owner’s manual to people with ADHD.” ~William Dodson, M.D.

Don’t miss this opportunity to write your own ADHD Owner’s Manual.
Schedule a 20-minute Registration Interview with me to make sure the group is a good fit for your needs.